It’s a long way to the top

We knew our apartment would be near the top of our apartment building. As it turns out… it is on the top floor.

Dubai – the land of dirty windows.

It takes a fair while to get up in the elevators, and yes, your ears do pop. But the height was not as bad as I thought it would be. I happily sat on the ledge by the window and peered out, and it was actually a pretty amazing view. The picture above is a little misleading – our main lounge view looks out over lower rise buildings, and then the ocean beyond that. The Burj view is from where the lounge windows go slightly around the corner. From our main lounge windows, on a clear day, you can see out to the world islands (provided they haven’t sunk).  Matt did comment that he wanted an ocean view.

View out of the lounge. It was not a clear day, but I’m informed that is a sea view!

Despite the lack of a dishwasher (!) and the kitchen being a little old, I think we did pretty well with the accommodation. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms. That’s the opera house you can see out in front of the Burj, and the Dubai Mall beside (only the world’s largest mall by total area, no big deal). There is a mini-mart downstairs. Things could be worse. I’m off to buy a bed today, and then will start buying all the different bits and pieces we need, a little at a time. It will be like camping in relative comfort in a very high, air conditioned cavern.

Yesterday, Nikki came and picked me up and we went to Lime Tree Cafe, which is run by a couple of New Zealanders. The food was really nice, and we went and wandered through an amazing little courtyard area with a bunch of individual shops. It was nice to get away from skyscrapers and malls. I found it really interesting that you would never know there was this neat little courtyard inside what appeared to be a giant industrial building, in an industrial area.

Also, there was a cat. This pleased me so. 

Matt is working through all the administrative stuff that comes with a new job in a new country. I’m harassing him every night about couch possibilities and color schemes. I’m sure he is delighted!


4 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top

  1. Nice to see you finding your feet. Search out as many of those homely comforts like Kiwi cafes and food. They really help when you feel like you’ve had enough of your surroundings and want some fimiliarity, trust me, I went through this and after 8 months you take great pleasure in finding anything Kiwi or familiar. Enjoy that view. Should be amazing on a clear day.


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