Reflections on a week in Dubai.


  1. I really need to check before crossing the road. Multiple times.
  2. A king size bed is not what you think it is, and despite buying what you thought was a normal size, you’re not going to find linen for it that costs less than $250NZD.
  3. Anything home furnishing related that doesn’t look terrible is going to be expensive. Except appliances, which are weirdly well priced.
  4. People want to help you, but they mainly just nod and smile politely. They have no idea what you want.
  5. I need to get used to driving 15 minutes minimum to get anywhere. This is a far cry from Wellington, but possibly not all that different than Auckland.
  6. You might be able to see something you want to visit over the road, but getting there is a solid debacle.
  7. There is a form for everything. Please take a number.
  8. The fast food here is surprisingly good. I also like that someone will deliver bottled water, JIF or a packet of crackers to my door for 3 AED.
  9. The beds and couches here are generally very solid. It’s like sleeping on a slab of bedrock.
  10. Furniture shopping is not getting any more enjoyable over time.
  11. Small words, and making sure you confirm everything 15 times over, is safest. I’m hoping that the painters actually paint our apartment white, but it remains to be seen.
  12. Whittakers peanut slabs can be purchased at Carrefour for 10 AED.
  13. Burgerfuel tastes pretty good. Minus the bacon.
  14. There is not much point getting frustrated when everything takes longer than expected.
  15. You can easily walk 15kms around a mall and not really achieve much at all.
  16. Fluffy cats and kind friends make everything a little bit better.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on a week in Dubai.

  1. ah lists. a list of things you learn, a list of things that are different, a list of things that you love. then comes the list of things you miss, the list of things that drive you mental, the list of things you thought youd never get used to but you did. make a list of things you want us to bring over, even if its only from Aussie x


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