Home sweet home

The last few days have been, in Dubai terms, rather successful. We’ve moved into our apartment, and are now the proud owners of a bed, a spare bedroom suite, a couch and footstool, table and chairs and curtains. It doesn’t sound like much, but given everything here seems to take forever to get sorted, I don’t think we are doing too badly. Matt also doesn’t have a debit or credit card yet, and we don’t have our accommodation allowance, so we are being pretty careful with our money.

This view is lovely to wake up to. However, it is lovelier now we have curtains which can hide it when required.

The first few hours in the apartment by myself were a wee bit lonely, given its cavernous nature and lack of furniture. To cheer myself up, I ordered malteasers to my door (alongside other very necessary household goods, of course). I started to unpack our boxes, but luckily our bed turned up relatively quickly. And for the first day, that was it. But yesterday, we managed to get our spare bedroom set up, and I got all of my boxes unpacked.

Real footage of me trying to put the duvet cover on. My trick of climbing inside did not have its usual effectiveness.

With the arrival of some IKEA furniture today, it is starting to feel a bit like a home. Matt had originally thought that we might have been able to put the furniture together ourselves. After seeing the three IKEA men unload approximately 4,000 boxes to create a dining table, chairs and a couch and footstool, I am glad we paid the 150AED ($60NZD) delivery and assembly charge.

Even this guy seemed a little confused.

Not long after they were finished, the curtain man arrived – much earlier than expected, given we only ordered them on Saturday night. After three hours of nerve-frayingly noisy drilling and hammering, we are now the owners of two sets of blackout curtains and some roman blinds. We’re pretty happy with them, and they make the place feel a bit more lived in. Hopefully the rods will stay affixed to the ceiling. You just never know in Dubai.

On Tuesday night James, Matt and I ventured back to the Dubai Mall to exchange various ill-sized bed related purchases. Admittedly, I was glad I wasn’t the only one confused by the bedding sizes. Afterwards, we wandered through Downtown Dubai, and had a drink at the Eloquent Elephant – the bar at the Taj Hotel. Its no Motel or Hawthorne Lounge, but its nice to know that there is somewhere to enjoy a ‘grape or malt flavoured beverage’ if we so desire. It’s only a ten minute walk home, and we get a 30% discount. We aren’t complaining.

Yesterday, Matt took me down to HQ to apply for my spouses visa, which hopefully will be approved in a week or so. We were expecting the process to take hours, but we were in and out in less than an hour, which was quite nice. We checked out our local supermarket afterwards, did our weekly grocery shop, and enjoyed some delicious pizza from the restaurant in our building.

Tomorrow, we are off to check out some local markets, and on Saturday I’ll be heading to the Opera. I might even face the dreaded mall.. but only between the hours of 10 and 12.



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