Quick 10: things I’m enjoying about Dubai

I feel like I sound a bit whiny on this blog, and its not my intention! So I thought this would a good opportunity to say some of things I like about living here.

  1. The prevalence of fresh hummus. It is tasty.
  2. The Dubai metro. It’s clean, efficient, cost effective and faster than a cab at the various rush hours that occur throughout the day. Some of the stops in in weird places, and its a little annoying that it doesn’t run on a Friday morning, but otherwise its very useful. Once you realise that many of the stops are named after corporations, not places, life gets a bit easier (the RTA sells naming rights for stations to help recover the costs of operating the system – which is quite clever, really).
  3. Fast unlimited internet. Netflix hasn’t hiccuped once (and you can watch Versailles on Netflix here).
  4. Delivery. While you can’t get everything you would like delivered, you can get most things. Having fresh fruit and vegetables delivered is so much easier than me trying to lug things around in a cab or the metro, or walking in the heat.
  5. The fact that you are constantly surrounded by about 40 different cultures, and its no big deal.
  6. The food in general. Its delicious. You could go to a different cafe everyday for a year, and would still have plenty to spare. Even the mall food courts are pretty epic.
  7. Camel milk. Finally, a milk I can drink that isn’t from a nut or bean! The strawberry flavored milk might be full of sugar, but it sure is delicious.
  8. Our apartment. Like anything, its not perfect, but its pretty quiet, light and bright, and a nice haven away from the city. And there is no denying that the view is beautiful. I could sit there all day looking at the floatplanes buzzing along the coast.
  9. Living in a new place, and finding new areas and things to explore. Since you can’t really explore Dubai by foot, you don’t get to do this as much as other cities. But when you do find an interesting new area, or quiet oasis, its nice.
  10. The temperature. But I feel I may change my mind on that one come summer.

9 thoughts on “Quick 10: things I’m enjoying about Dubai

  1. It is so normal when you move to another country to go through a period of “OMG EVERYTHING IS SO COOL AND NEW AND INTERESTING” and then inevitably the period of “I miss knowing how things work and where to buy things and how to do things easily” hits you like a ten tonne of bricks. And then you just ebb and flow. There will always be bits that are awesome and bits that frustrate the living daylights out of you! xxx


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