Bruges: Day One

A bit of windmill action.

I’d love to be more exciting, but day one in Bruges really wasn’t that full on! I have been feeling pretty mediocre today, and have taken it easy. My total walking distance for the last five days stands at 76.3kms, and seven days 100.2kms. I’m a wee bit tired.

We were up bright and early to get the tube and the Eurostar to Brussels, although nearly missed the train thanks to the French Government only assigning one immigration official for two trains passing through France (well done guys!). Luckily, they held the train for us, and we departed about twenty minutes late. After accurately deciphering the departures board at Brussels-Midi, we managed to hop on a train to Bruges and arrive early afternoon. It’s been a good five years or so since I visited continental Europe, and I rather stupidly packed a carry on suitcase… which was great to drag along the cobblestones. It sounded like machine gun fire and I ended up having to carry it as we wandered around for about 3 kms. Oops.

We wandered the streets for a little while, finding a random looking window kitty, a great antiques shop, a muppet cafe, frites with mayonnaise (yum!) and some windmills, before meeting our AirBnB host. We are staying in the attic of a random old house, and it has a beautiful view out the window.

I was feeling pretty jaded by this time, so Anita went out to explore the sights while I worked on an assignment, and I might have fallen asleep in my chair in the sun. Oh well. Anyway, she bought me back some lovely chocolates, and we later had a delicious dinner at a local restaurant called Cezar – recommended by the hosts.

Tomorrow, I had planned to be cycling around Ypres, something I had been excited about all week. I’m really not in a state to be doing that. Instead, I luckily found a last minute tour that will drive me down to Ypres and around the salient, saving me from a 1.56 hour train and bus journey. It is probably going to be me and a bunch of graybeards, but hey, at least they might not notice me sniffling all day.


One thought on “Bruges: Day One

  1. Well…….. Pommes frites with mayonnaise, Belgian chocolate, and a visit to Ypres – sounds like the perfect day in Belgium to me!! Enjoy Ypres – it’s an amazing town.


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