Bruges: Day Three and my last day in London

Bruges, Sunday morning. We were lucky to have such beautiful weather, even if it was freezing.

I’d like to say I did lots of exciting things with my last few days, but most of it was taken up with various forms of transport!

So, in a short summary, this is what I got up to in my last few days in Europe:

  1. Shopping for shoes with Anita in Bruges, which was a roaring success – all the more surprising considering about three shops were open;
  2. Eating Belgian waffles and chocolate, and picking out a lovely box of chocolates for Matt that got smashed to a pulp in my suitcase (to be fair, we still ate them);
  3. With Anita’s expert guidance, successfully making our way back to Brussels on a train which we weren’t entirely sure was the right one (have you ever heard of a place called Genk? Because we sure hadn’t);
  4. Successfully pack-horsing it back on the Hammersmith and City line with our three bags;
  5. Speed shopping in Oxford Circus on Monday morning, because everything in the UK is a lot cheaper and easier to locate than Dubai (and they have Uniqlo!);
  6. A delicious last sandwich with Anita in Hammersmith before my airport cab came to collect me;
  7. Managing to get checked into my flight with lots of time to spare, and getting into one of the airport lounges in Heathrow;
  8. Having a row of four seats to myself on the plane, and even getting in a short nap;
  9. Finding my slightly overweight luggage actually made it through in one piece;
  10. Getting my passport stamped appropriately at the Dubai end for my visa, and locating a ladies taxi at 4am to take me home.

Unfortunately, the cold that I had in London seems to have gotten worse, and I managed to pass out on the metro after having a blood test on Wednesday – much fun. Luckily, the passing out was on the way home after completing some of the visa formalities, rather than on the way there. I’ve had a quiet few days as a result, and am bored out of my tree. I have an assignment to do, but thats not really helping with the boredom situation.

I loved London, and I’d go back in a second, but admittedly – I’ve never seen so many crazies in my life. I’m not sure whether I had a heightened awareness of them after the attack, whether I’m attracting them (!) or if it is just wandering around as a female on your own, but there were so many. Most were probably harmless, but the dude running around covered in blood on Carnaby Street was a particular treat. Sometimes they would just yell random things at you, which made me wonder if they were trying to distract me to pickpocket me, but it never happened. I guess everyone here in Dubai has a job – the ex pats, anyway – so you don’t tend to see crazy on the same scale. I’m sure any civil disobedience would see you sent home pretty darn quickly.

You know one thing I miss in Dubai? The evening news. Yes, at home it might be all doom and gloom – or sad little local interest stories – but at least you had an idea what was going on. Last time I read the news here, it announced that it was raining a lot in Dubai because there had been successful cloud seeding projects. I haven’t bothered to read it since then.

By popular request, here are photos of Basil the Alpaca and the aforementioned falcon cushion. We now also have a duvet cover, blanket and rug for the bedroom, all of which I managed to cram into a suitcase with my expert packing skills (which may or may not have involved me sitting on the suitcase while zipping it).


2 thoughts on “Bruges: Day Three and my last day in London

  1. I’ve always loved London too – it was a great place to live….. history around every corner.
    It had some interesting crazies even in the late 60s /early 70s….

    names – Ford Falcon maybe?


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