Why did it have to be snakes


Last Friday night, we went – again – to the Dubai Opera. This time, we weren’t seeing an opera, but went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark with the score performed by a live orchestra. It was actually pretty good! Admittedly, it had been awhile since I saw the movie, and you only notice how incredibly racist it is when you are sandwiched between two German men and a few Arabs. Nevertheless, the orchestra was very good, and it was quite random to glance down occasionally and realise the whole thing was live. I know they have these type of events in Wellington and Auckland sometimes, and they are definitely worth a visit.


The Dubai Opera building is actually very cool. It was apparently designed to look like an abra, the traditional boats that will take you up and down Dubai creek for a dirham. I don’t really see it, but being a low rise building, its a nice change. Inside is quite pretty as well, all modern chandeliers and lighting, in a tacky Dubai way. I like being in there because its not massive, and even though we were in the cheapest seats, we still had a good view. In terms of size, its probably about the same as the Michael Fowler Centre, but feels a bit more plush. There are a bunch of little booths you can rent for 5000 or 6000 a pop, if you want to be an extra elitist snob.

Dubai has some weird architecture. I love old buildings, so its not really the place for me. In saying that, in terms of variety, it does a good job of trying to mix it up. I have no idea what the real names of the skyscrapers are, apart from the Burj, a few hotels and our building. I’ve given them names in an attempt to personalise the city. Amongst these are Big-Ben imposter, the cheese building, uncomfortably perched building, the other sail and the melting ice cube. I can only hope that some important Emirati will find this blog post, and I will gain employment as an official namer of buildings.


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