Adventure time!

We returned from two days in Ajman this afternoon. Neither of us have been feeling too fabulous, but we made the best of it. We stayed at the Ajman Saray – which was lovely, although I wouldn’t exactly rate Ajman as an exciting destination! We basically spent our days relaxing in our room and next to the pool, catching up on reading and writing blog posts and articles. It was rather hot – around 40 degrees, but felt like 50. I have returned home looking remarkably lobster like. 

We got a fantastic couples massage last night, which was very cheap for the UAE – about $60NZD each. My poor masseuse had obviously been fasting – I was worried she would hear my stomach rumbling, but hers sounded like a thunderstorm. We also had fun admiring the fashion choices of the many Russian guests at the resort. Animal print is definitely in this season, and they have no shame in wearing the smallest possible swimsuits. Yikes.

Speaking of Russia, I’m hopefully off to Moscow tomorrow morning. I say hopefully as tomorrow is the start of a long holiday weekend here in the UAE, with Eid al-Fitr likely to start soon. Of course, we don’t know exactly when it will be, we need to wait for that pesky moon. Regardless, a lot of people are apparently going to travel this weekend. Fingers crossed I get a seat on the flight. Then, provided Matt’s roster doesn’t change, I’ll be meeting him in Hamburg on the 30th of June, ready to celebrate my 30th birthday on the 1st of July. We will then depart Hamburg that night, and hopefully the staff travel gods will shine on us, getting us through to Mauritius on the 2nd of July.

Matt has been enjoying his trips, and all seems to be going well. He is off to Johannesburg tomorrow, and will probably do the done pilot thing – buying cheap plonk and meat to bring home! Next month, he has trips to the Maldives, Phuket, Florida and India. I’m hoping to be able to tag along to Florida and the Maldives – will see how we get on!

Internet access might be a little sparse in Russia, so don’t freak out if you experience a bit of radio silence! I’ve loaded up a few posts to be published at my new blog – The 58th Floor – if you are interested. A little review of our time in Ajman will go up tomorrow. 


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